Miss Shampoo
On an ordinary raining day, an unordinary incident happened to Feng and Tai

Thanks to Feng, Tai barely escaped alive and took over the mafia boss position. Along with his two buddies – Leggy and Fish, they tried to find the ex-boss’s murderer; at the same time, Tai tried to pay back to his savior – Feng. Meanwhile, Tai smelled a rat among his gang.

Despite being young, Feng had no fear when made face to face to the gangsters. That interested Tai and in order to repay her, he mandated all the gang members to have their hair done by Feng. All of a sudden, Feng transformed from an unexperienced junior shampoo girl to the most popular hairstylist in the shop.

Out of the blue, Feng shaved off Tai’s eyebrow.
She did all that just to stop Tai from getting into the fight that night. Tai suddenly got butterflies in his stomach.
That’s exactly what I was looking for…
Giddens KO
Daniel HONG, Vivian SUNG, Kai KO
Release Date
Taiwanese, Mandarin
Run Time
120 minutes
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