In a nearly abandoned café in war-torn Mosul, a rookie police officer, Kawa (ADAM BESSA) is ambushed by heavily armed Daesh (the local term for ISIS). Suddenly, heavy artillery sounds in the distance, and Kawa is saved by a rogue band of police officers – a Mosul SWAT unit – led by the often inscrutable Major Jasem (SUHAIL DABBACH). Jasem immediately conscripts Kawa into service.

Although Kawa is largely ignored and told to simply follow orders, he starts to appreciate the complexities facing Jasem’s men and recognizes how they are driven by a common, unspoken mission. He is fascinated by the world-weary Jasem, who has moments of rigid brutality followed by genuine instances of kindness and compassion.

With a dozen men and three armed vehicles, the SWAT unit makes its way through the decimated heart of their city. Technically, they are disobeying direct orders, and most people mistakenly believe that all of the SWAT units have been killed, but they move like ghosts through the city, bribing military guards, urging families to safety, and not hesitating to use improvised deadly force at any sign of the enemy.

Their ranks thinning, the unit is forced to choose their next move: a direct attack on a heavily fortified Daesh building, or escaping detection to ensure survival. A debate ensues between Jasem and one of his most experienced and passionate men, Waleed (Is’HAQ ELIAS). Ultimately, united in their common mission and facing impossible odds, the team moves forward against the Daesh, determined to see justice brought to their world and an end to the violence and bloodshed in their homeland.
Matthew Michael Carnahan
Suhail Dabbach, Adam Bessa
Release Date
Run Time
102 minutes
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