No Body(HKLGFF 2020)
Asia Focus
Official Selection – Osaka Asian Film Festival

When Zhen-Zhen rushes to the top of a high-rise to catch her father in the throes of an affair, little does she expect to stumble across the dusty apartment of a strange old man. Intrigued by the mysterious identity and bizarre manners of this elderly character, who seems to attract ire and negativity from all he encounters, Zhen-zhen begins to visit him more often. Before long, the neighbours start to mistake Zhen-zhen for a prostitute hired by the old man, driving her mother to take the situation into her own hands. A story of empathy and the error of passing judgment on strangers.
Lin Chun-Hua
An Yi Chiao, Wu Ya-Ruo
Release Date
Putonghua, Taiwanese(In Parts)
Run Time
83 minutes
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