Office(bc Sunday)
One night, ordinary white-collar worker Mr. Kim (Bae Seong-woo) goes home and murders his whole family. With Mr. Kim still on the loose, his office colleagues – who have not exactly treated him kindly over the years – are now looking over their shoulders in fear. The sole exception is Mi-rae (Ko Ah-sung), the lowly bullied intern who was the only person that showed Mr. Kim a trace of kindness. The chilling directorial debut of THE CHASER scriptwriter Hong Won-chan may have a serial killer as its boogeyman, but it’s the pressure cooker environment, uncaring management and subtle bullying that make the cutthroat world of the office the deadliest weapon of all.
Hong Won-chan
Ko Ah-sung, Park Sung-woong, Kim Eui-sung, Bae Seong-woo
Release Date
Run Time
111 minutes
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