Oleg(EUFF 2021)
Lauguage: English, Russian(In Parts), Polish(In Parts), Latvian(In Parts), French(In Parts), Flemish(In Parts)

Oleg, a young Latvian butcher whose unique non-citizen status renders him a stranger in his own country, arrives in Brussels, Belgium in the hope of getting a better salary in a meat factory. His life goes awry as he is betrayed by a colleague and forced to leave his job. Alone in a country where he doesn’t belong, he quickly falls under the yoke of a Polish criminal. Addressing the struggles of migrant workers in Europe, Oleg offers a gritty and chilling look into how the innocent becomes a sacrificial lamb in a cruel world of exploitation, infused with a surprising zest of black humour.
Juris Kursietis
Valentin Novopolskij, Dawid Ogrodnik, Anna Próchniak, Guna Zarina
Release Date
English, Russian, Polish
Run Time
108 minutes
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