On Dreams and Obsession(18th Fresh Wave)
Movie Name: The Land of Bliss

Language: Cantonese(Chinese, English Subtitles)

Category: IIB

Duration: 30 mins

Director: LI Ho

Movie Name: The Cactus in the Bed

Language: Japanese(English Subtitles)

Category: I

Duration: 29 mins

Director: FUJIMOTO Kaede

Movie Name: Landing On Ice

Language: Cantonese, English(Chinese, English Subtitles)

Category: I

Duration: 23 mins

Director: Jane LEUNG

The Land of Bliss tells the story of four disappointed young people who meet each other at a rave party. As they find bliss under the influence of drugs, they are suddenly transported to another realm via a car accident. Can they finally arrive at the real land of bliss? The Cactus in the Bed is a tragicomedy of an actor’s life. Before Yoshinori can achieve movie stardom, he will have to survive his role in a student movie, and the director’s endless script revisions and eccentricities. Filmed between wintry Canada and mild Hong Kong, Landing On Ice offers a poetic tale of Hong Kong figure skater Wing-yee, who experiences confusion, self-doubt and young passion throughout her journey.
Release Date
Run Time
82 minutes
23 Jun
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