On the Quiet(EUFF 2021)
Dávid, aged just 18, is the lead violinist in his music conservatory’s orchestra. He admires his conductor, Frigyes, a soft-speaking father-figure whose spellbinding charisma seems to bring out the best from his charges. His mentor's mask slowly slips, however, as Dávid hears of the experiences of a freshman student who, on the surface, is Frigyes’ star student: Dávid soon finds out that the 14-year-old girl’s suspiciously close relationship with their 60-year-old conductor is more than what it seems. As the world wakes up to the dark realities of how powerful men exercise their power over their helpless young female underlings, Zoltán Nagy's feature is taut and topical in exploring how someone makes tough decisions in the face of adult society's negligence.
Zoltán Nagy
Gábor Máté, Erik Major, Lulu Bognár, Judit Schell, Zsófi Szamosi, Dorottya Antóci, Mária Varga, Annamária Láng, Benjámin Lengyel
Release Date
Run Time
80 minutes
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