Paradox(WY Retro)
When Police office Lee Chung-chi learns that his daughter Wing-chi has gone missing in Thailand, he goes to Thailand to look for her. Working with local police officers Kit and Tak, they learn that Wing-chi’s fate is related to the illegal organ-trading market and even Bangkok’s mayoral candidate. Chung-chi realises that he is up against forces that may be far too powerful for him to take on.

Wilson Yip returns to the director’s chair for the SPL series’ third installment. This time, Louis Koo and Lam Ka-tung provide the powerful performances, while co-stars Wu Yue, Tony Jaa and Chris Collins provide the bone-crunching action. Sammo Hung’s action choreography once again seamlessly combines various fighting styles to create rapid, intense fight scenes. When heaven and earth treat all as equals, who has the right to take another life? When the “greedy wolf” star shifts, the lust for power dominates the heart, and destiny is impossible to defy. When right and wrong is separated by only a single thought, can sinners be redeemed?
Wilson Yip Wai Shun
Louis Koo, Wu Yue, Lam Ka Tung, Chris Collins, Tony Jaa
Release Date
Cantonese, Thai
Run Time
100 minutes
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