Pure Grit(EADF 2022)
Best Irish Feature Documentary, Galway Film Fleadh

Best Editing Documentary Feature, Newport Beach Film Festival

Pure Grit is both a thrilling tale of extreme bareback horse racing and an intimate love story, a chronicle of a young rider’s dogged determination to excel in her sport and also the relationships that sustain her quest. Sharmaine dreams of becoming a champion, but has put her racing career hold for a year after her sister was paralysed in a catastrophic accident on the track. Meanwhile, Sharmaine and her girlfriend Savannah are forced leave their quiet rustic lives for bustling Denver, a city which brings both bread to the table but also tension between the young lovers. With a new horse from her earnings, Sharmaine sees the potential for a fresh start. But life, like the race track, doesn't always go according to plan.
Kim Bartley
Savannah Martinez, Sharmaine Weed
Release Date
Run Time
88 minutes
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