Special Mention: Grand Prix of the International Jury Generation K-plus for the Best Film , Crystal Bear Nominee

Best Youth Documentary, IDFA

Shabu, a 14-year-old from Peperklip, Rotterdam, accidentally crashes his grandma's car. He then spends a summer trying to make money for its repairs while pursuing his true passion: making music. Shamira Raphaela’s documentary reveals the contradictions and struggles faced by an adolescent, which most of us would probably have experienced in our teens. Here, reality comes laced with humour and tristesse, in the form of Shabu’s tribulations and also that of his community – one that’s bubbling with energetic, colourful stories and sad tales of solitude. Will he achieve his goal and let his family, especially his grandma, be proud of him again?
Shamira Raphaela
Release Date
Dutch, English(In Parts)
Run Time
75 minutes
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