Solo Dance (JFHK 2022)
In the form of archival documentary, Director Lee Li-shao studies his own mother, Lin Ssu-tuan, recounting her life story as Taiwan's first nude model, a pioneer of Taiwan contemporary dance and an inspiring dance educator. In the 1950s, post war Taiwan on the rampage of the white terror, despite its conservativeness and narrow-mindedness, Lin refused to accept model’s role as the subject of male gaze and claimed her own voice by organizing her nude portraits and photography exhibitions that aroused controversy in Taiwan. She fought against the objectification of the female body and actively took over the right of artistic expression and body autonomy. A whole generation of prominent Taiwan artistic figures including painters Zhang Yi-xiong, Liao Chi-chun, Chen Jing-rong, Shiy De-jinn, sculptor Yang Yu-yu, photographers Deng Nan-guang, Ko Si-chi, Lang Ching-shan have all collaborated with her. Her dance body became the vessel to create and represent art of her era. She followed her heart and remained passionate in realizing her ideology, ‘dance represents the society at the moment’, which pulled her closer to seek gender equality and women’s emancipation. Over the age of 80, Lin Ssu-tuan still fervently pursues her ideals and passions with her body; her path of life is indeed a book of female art history that communicates with the society in Taiwan.

The film contains nudity scenes.

Best Documentary Shortlist, ‘58th Golden Horse Awards’ 2021 (Taiwan)
Non-drama Program Director Award, ‘56th Golden Bell Awards’ 2021 (Taiwan)
Lee Li-shao
Release Date
Run Time
83 minutes
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