Somebody Control Us(16th Fresh Wave)
The Push Pins is about a job offer which consists of removing innumerous push pins from the wall in a mysterious building. Arrow Sworn is about the revered Cantonese opera singer Skyblade performing opposite young girl Jade and a bond is formed between the two. The Kowloon Emperor is a rare gem of a martial arts/fantasy short film and the impossible battle between human and spirit is playfully visualised.

Movie Name: The Push Pins
Language: French(Chinese, English subtitles)
Category: I
Duration: 23 mins
Director: Lisa SALLUSTIO

Movie Name: Arrow Sworn
Language: Cantonese, Stage Mandarin(Chinese, English subtitles)
Category: I
Duration: 30 mins
Director: Andre CHEUNG

Movie Name: The Kowloon Emperor
Language: Cantonese(Chinese, English subtitles)
Category: IIB
Duration: 29 mins
Director: Willis WONG Man-chak
Release Date
Run Time
82 minutes
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