Son of Good Earth(Restored)(FWKHR)
Lotus (Betty Loh Ti) seizes her chance to escape from a brothel during a police raid. Poor painter Yu Rui (Peter Chen Ho) comes to her aid during her flight and wins her hand in marriage. Yet their blissful life together is cut short by the invasion of the Japanese and the brutal regime that follows. Yu is falsely imprisoned when he refuses to take part in promotion of the Japanese. Lotus risks all to infiltrate the enemy's camp to save her husband. Eventually, Yu escapes and joins a local band of guerrilla fighters to liberate the province from the invaders. The film is a well-deserved winner of three accolades – Best Screenplay, Best Film Editing and a Special Jury Prize of National Spirit – at the fourth Golden Horse Awards in 1966.
King HU
Release Date
Mandarin, Japanese(In Parts)
Run Time
108 minutes
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