South Dragon, North Phoenix(FW-FIF-LKL)
Ko Shan-fu, the renowned armed escort of an armed escort firm, is separated from wife Yip Git-bing and daughter Wan-ying during a night of unrest. Shan-fu is depressed after failing to find his family. Git-bing is taken in by Luk Fong-ho, a squire in Canton, and takes care of Luk’s children, Siu-hung and Siu-wai. They beg Git-bing to teach them martial arts which Git-bing does in secret. Wan-ying is brought up by Shan-fu’s old colleagues. After she grows up, Wan-ying opens the armed escort again in hope of finding her parents. On one occasion when Wan-ying dresses up as a male to be an armed escort, she meets and reunites with Shan-fu as he recognises the flag of the armed escort firm. When Wan-ying performs another stint as armed escort to Canton, she meets Siu-hung by chance and they fight due to a misunderstanding. Wan-ying is surprised about Siu-hung knowing her family’s unique martial arts technique. Siu-hung later wounds Wan-ying and steals the flag. Shan-fu comes to the rescue and visits the Luk residence. He befriends Fong-ho during a fight. Git-bing appears and the entire family is reunited while Shan-fu promises Wan-ying to be married to Siu-hung.

*Please notice that the image and sound quality of the original 35mm print is short of ideal.
Wu Pang
Release Date
Mandarin, Cantonese
Run Time
100 minutes
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