The Crack Inception(EUFF 2020)
Madrid, 1975. Gérman Areta begins an investigation into the “suicide” of a famous tailor. Despite his instinct telling him that people only kill for love or money, he will soon discover that there are many more motives and that more than one person wanted the victim out of the way. Everything will come to a head when the investigation turns “personal” for Areta. An origins story for Garci’s two noir-infused “The Crack” thrillers from 1980 and 1983, Inception rounds up the story with a depiction of a dark past which seems to weigh on Spain’s very present.
Jose Luis Garci
Carlos Santos, Miguel Angel Munoz, Pedro Casablanc, Luisa Gavasa, Patricia Vico, Macarena Gomez
Release Date
Run Time
122 minutes
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