THE LEGEND OF 1900(EM Retro)
A baby boy is found abandoned on an ocean liner and raised by the shipwrights in the cradle of the ocean. He never sets foot on land but his prodigious talent for piano draws people from land to the ship; his heart does not lie on the other side but between the keys and his fingers. From a dance with the ocean, a piano duel, to a serenade about love at first sight, all of them are Morricone’s magic behind the enchanting piano. The maestro shows his mastery of diverse musical genres: dynamic jazz, melancholic blues, classical music, and exuberant folk music infuse the film with spirit.

Best Original Score, Golden Globes
Giuseppe Tornatore
Tim Roth, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Mélanie Thierry, Bill Nunn, Peter Vaughan, Niall O'Brien
Release Date
Run Time
125 minutes
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