The Lyricist Wannabe
Believing that writing Cantopop is her God-given talent, Law Wing-sze decides to make it her lifelong career. But as hard as Sze tries to polish her lyrics writing skills and expand her social circle, nothing seems to go her way. What if there’s a will, but there’s no way? The first major motion picture about Cantopop lyrics writing. Norris Wong’s long-awaited follow-up to her acclaimed debut My Prince Edward is an unsentimental autobiographical dramedy that reminds us no dream is guaranteed to come true. Ironically, the film’s star, up-and-coming actress Chung Suet-ying, is actually a real-life Cantopop lyricist.
Norris Wong
Chung Suet-ying, Eric Kot, Anson Chan, Sabrina Ng, Tang Lai-ying
Release Date
Cantonese, Mandarin
Run Time
113 minutes
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