The Moon Palace(QJJ Retro)
“Day in, day out, I rolled the camera as I drank. I wanted to document the restaurant’s farewells and demise. The hangover lasted half a year, until the end of editing; I could feel my fleshy spirit lingering on what had once been, refusing to depart.”

Mr. Qiu, proprietor of Moon Palace, is a connoisseur and lover of wine. The patrons, who are often friends of Mr. Qiu, are fond of drinking themselves. Liquor loosens the tongue, heightens the merrymaking, opens up all topics of conversation, and singing fills the air. When everyone is sufficiently intoxicated, Qiu Jiongjiong rolls the camera, documenting the last days of his family's restaurant, bright before its demise.
Qiu Jiongjiong
Release Date
Sichuan dialect
Run Time
105 minutes
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