The Moon
Yoko Dojima (Rie Miyazawa) used to be a famous writer, but she is not anymore. She is married to Shohei (Joe Odagiri) who calls her shiho ("master"). They have modest and peaceful days together. Yoko Dojima begins to work at a facility for the severely disabled which is located in the deep forest. She works with Yoko (Fumi Nikaido) and Sato (Hayato Isomura). Working there, Yoko Dojima becomes empathetic towards facility resident Ki-chan, who shares the same birth year and date as her. Ki-chan lies in bed in a dark room and doesn’t move at all. Yoko Dojima witnesses the residents of the facility being treated carelessly or even violently by others workers. Sato, who has a strong sense of justice and duty, is more upset with their situation than anyone else. His anger gets higher and higher and soon the day finally comes.
Yuya Ishii
Rie Miyazawa, Joe Odagiri, Fumi Nikaido, Hayato Isomura
Release Date
Run Time
145 minutes
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