The Silence of Others(HRDFF 2019)
Hong Kong Premiere

How to choose between silence and speaking out, forgetting and remembering?

In Spain in the 1970s, after 40 years of General Franco’s fascist dictatorship, silence was the source of the victims’ suffering and the accomplice of the perpetrators. The six-year filming tracked how survivors broke the silence and filed a groundbreaking international lawsuit in the Argentinian court, overcame their collective forgetting and fought for justice. Silence might not necessarily be farther from evil than dictatorship. Looking back at the past, it seems to be far and near.

Presented by Pedro Almodóvar, directed by Emmy-winning directors, the film won the Panorama Audience Award and Peace Film Prize at the 68th Berlin International Film Festival.
Almudena Carracedo, Robert Bahar
Release Date
Spanish, English(In Parts)
Run Time
96 minutes
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