The Story Of Sue San(Restored)(FWKHR)
“Of all those wallowing in the world of love,
Few have attained wealth and rank, both husband and wife.”

King Hu’s directorial debut is a film that is originally the brain child of director Li Han-hsiang and is an adaptation of the story “Yutangchun Reunites with Her Husband in Her Distress" in Stories to Caution the World by Feng Menglong. Wang Jinglong (Chao Lei), son of the Ming-dynasty Minister of Personnel, meets courtesan Sue San (Betty Loh Ti). They quickly fall in love and wed. As Wang’s money runs out, the couple becomes separated from each other inadvertently, and Sue San is sold as a concubine to a rich merchant. She ends up being framed for murder of her husband. Fortunately, Wang becomes a high-ranking official after being First Graduate of the palace exams. He handles the case of Sue San and overturns her execution verdict.
King HU
Release Date
Run Time
108 minutes
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