Three Friends(HKAFF 2021)
In her remarkable feature debut, Yim Soon-rye resoundingly established what made her an indispensable voice of the Korean New Wave: her keen observations of Korean society and the lives of the marginalized. After failing to get into university, three misfit friends find no opportunities in a system that leaves behind those who don’t meet social expectations. Comic artist Tae-moo is frustrated and belittled at work. Aspiring hairdresser Se-in’s masculinity is questioned by his father. Overweight and unambitious video store clerk Seung-ho just wants to get by. When they get called up for military service, each makes a decision that leads to disastrous consequences.
Yim Soon-rye
Hyun-sung, Lee Jang-won, Hong Seon-yeong, Park Yeong-soo, Jeong Hyeon
Release Date
Run Time
93 minutes
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