Two: A Film Fable…(M+ Screenings: In the World, Of the World)
Movie Name:Two: A Film Fable
Language: No dialogue
Duration: 12 mins
Director: Satyajit Ray

From the window of his house, a boy from a well-to-do family engages with an urchin in the street outside. This rarely seen gem by Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray was commissioned in 1964 for ESSO World Theater, a television programme funded by the American oil company. Instead of making a film in English, Ray created a work without dialogue, a powerful fable enacted through toys, faces, and music composed by the director himself.

Preserved by the Academy Film Archive

Movie Name: Mon Oncle
Language: French(English Subtitle)
Duration: 111 mins
Director: Jacques Tati

Villa Arpel, a remarkable feat of architecture and technology designed especially for the Arpel family, efficiently provides all the conveniences of modern life but offers little of interest to its youngest inhabitant, Gerard—until his bumbling uncle arrives for a visit. Jacques Tati’s third feature-length work introduces the eccentric and beloved Monsieur Hulot (played by Tati himself)—a man from a nondescript, rundown part of the old city—into his sister’s suburban universe, one in which glistening surfaces and mechanisms clash loudly with his awkward, all-too-human ways. For all its imaginative whimsy and tenderness, Mon oncle demonstrates Tati at the peak of his powers, a fact made even more evident by the radical aesthetic in his sound editing and mixing.

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Release Date
Run Time
123 minutes
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