When the Beat Drops(HKLGFF 2018)
Winner of the Best Documentary for FRAMELINE San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival
Winner of the Outstanding Documentary Feature Grand Jury Award for OUTFEST Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival

In the spirit of PARIS IS BURNING and KIKI comes the new documentary, WHEN THE BEAT DROPS. The film takes viewers into the high-stakes and underground world of a dance subculture known as Bucking (Think Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” music video dance moves). Over the years, Buckers have existed in secrecy, often dancing in the after-hours of seedy clubs – far from judgment and more socially accepted dancing. Those passionate few who have dared to perfect this forbidden male dance in private are ready to come out and show the world who they really are. They’re risking it all – their jobs, families, and reputations - for the future of a dance they love.
Jamal Sims
Release Date
Run Time
87 minutes
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