3D Long Day's Journey into Night
Bi Gan had the festival circuit buzzing in 2015 with his indie debut Kaili Blues, a road film with a 40-minute long take. For his daring sophomore feature, the emerging auteur goes several steps further with a star cast and a climactic 55-minute take shot in 3D with complex camerawork. Bi stays in the southwestern Chinese county of Kaili for the stunning neo-noir about a lone man who returns to his hometown and searches for a mysterious past love. He wanders around town through fragmented memories of desire and danger, and then drifts into a mesmeric dream where a surreal journey of bold cinematic craftsmanship and abstractly layered storytelling awaits him and the audience. Winner of 3 Golden Horse Awards.
Bi Gan
Huang Jue, Tang Wei, Sylvia Chang, Lee Hong Chi
Release Date
Run Time
138 minutes
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