A Bunch of Amateurs (MOViE MOViE: Life is Art 2023)
A crowd pleaser with 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating! Founded in 1932, the Bradford Movie Makers is one of the longest-standing amateur filmmaking clubs in the United Kingdom. Made with far smaller budgets than ordinary films, its productions often draw unintentional laughter, but they also show a collective love towards film and storytelling.

However, what used to be a flourishing site for film lovers faces rapid economic decline. Dwindling membership and debt have placed the club in danger of shutting down. When the club receives pandemic aid from the government, the members decide to remake a grand Hollywood musical. Will it revive the club, or put the final nail in the coffin? Kim Hopkins’ moving documentary shows the inner workings, love, and laughter behind the scenes of this dedicated club with warmth and compassion. As we get to know its passionate members and why they stay, it’s hard not to root for these film lovers.

*25.11 (Sat), 1:35pm | MMCP
^7.12 (Thu), 7:30pm | PE
~9.12 (Sat), 5:30pm | BC

With post-screening sharing
*May Fung (Independent Art & Cultural Worker; Chair, Art & Culture Outreach @ Footak Building)
^Alex Chung (Movie blog 'Todayscreening' Blogger), Gary Wong (Founder and writer for the online platform "Film Pilgrimage")
~Winnie Fu (Editor, film critic and curator of exhibitions, design and publishing projects), Chan Wing-chiu (Film director, creative media teacher and online film programme host)
Kim Hopkins
Release Date
Run Time
95 minutes
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