A Certain Romance(Yonfan)
Best Original Song, The 5th Hong Kong Film Awards

In the vein of Jacques Demy’s romantic films and the visual beauty of works by Sarah Moon and David Hamilton, A CERTAIN ROMANCE marks the directorial debut of Yonfan. The story follows the emerging sexuality of the leading actress through encounters with first love, secret love, one way love, Electra Complex and same sex love. All these themes were either hinted at or overtly represented. Using soft focus and grainy film stock, Yonfan creates a visual world never before seen in Hong Kong cinema. Working with a crew and cast of then unknowns, A CERTAIN ROMANCE marks the film debut of many of its actors as well as its cinematographer, art director and film composer. Many of whom have become major forces in Hong Kong cinema.
Yon Fan
Ng Mei-chi, Anthony Tang
Release Date
Run Time
87 minutes
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