A Thousand Girls Like Me(EADF 2022)
Nominated as Audience Award, Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival

Nominated as Documentary Competition Award, Seattle International Film Festival

A Thousand Girls Like Me is an awe-inspiring documentary that tells the story of Khatera, a young Afghan woman seeking justice and protecting her children after experiencing years of sexual abuse by her father. Despite her many attempts to file charges, neither the Afghan police nor the legal system helped her. In 2014, she appeared on national television to publicly accuse her father, finally succeeding in bringing her case to court despite threats from male relatives and judges who labelled her a liar. Sahra Mosawi-Mani’s powerful documentary illustrates a young woman’s battle against cultural, familial, and legal pressures as she embarks on a mission to set a positive example for her daughter and other girls like her – something which has rendered nearly impossible by the Taliban’s takeover of the country last year.
Sahra Mosawi-Mani
Release Date
Run Time
80 minutes
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