Ajoomma(HKAFF 2022)
Auntie is a middle-aged Singaporean woman whose life revolves around dancing classes in the park and bingeing Korean dramas. When her husband dies and her only son considers leaving the country for work, Auntie decides to travel to Korea on her first solo trip. After Auntie accidentally becomes stranded during the tour, a local security guard helps her find her way back, but their adventure is not without bumps along the way. Produced by Anthony Chen (Ilo Ilo, Wet Season), He Shuming’s directorial debut is a delightful and charming road movie about self-discovery and the power of the Korean wave.
He Shuming
Hong Huifang, Kang Hyung-suk, Jung Dong-hwan, Shane Pow
Release Date
Korean, Putonghua(In Parts), English(In Parts), Hokkien(In Parts)
Run Time
90 minutes
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