All Hands on Deck(EUFF 2022)
FIPRESCI Prize – Special Mention, Panorama, Berlin International Film Festival

A summer evening in Paris, a boy meets a girl. Félix and Alma are the same age, but do not belong to the same world. After a night of wild dancing and spontaneous fun in the park, Alma has to leave for a family trip the next day. Falling head over heels for Alma, Félix decides to join her at the other end of France by surprise. He takes his friend Chérif with him, because it's more fun together. And as they don't have a car, they carpool with a stranger called Edouard. From there, the oddball trio embark on an impromptu trip to the French countryside on a foolhardy romantic mission where nothing goes as planned.
Guillaume Brac
Eric Nantchouang, Salif Cissé, Édouard Sulpice, Asma Messaoudene, Ana Blagojevic
Release Date
Run Time
96 minutes
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