And So The Baden Is Passed
An adaptation of the eponymous hit novel by Meiko Seo that’s sold over 1.1 million copies in Japan, “And So The Baton Is Passed” follows the stories of two girls and their stepparents. Mitan is a little girl who cries easily, who is told by her new stepmother Rika (Satomi Ishihara) to smile whatever happens. One day, the girl’s chocolate-obsessed father Mito tells Mitan and Rika that he is moving to Brazil to make the best chocolate in the world. He leaves his daughter and wife to fend for themselves. Soon after, Rika starts looking for a new husband…Yuko (Mei Nagano) is a high school student who smiles regardless of what the world throws at her. Her doting stepfather Morimiya (Kei Tanaka) is an easy-going man who raises the girl after her mother disappeared one day. The happy home life of Yuko is put in jeopardy by a painful family secret.
Tetsu Maeda
Kei Tanaka, Satomi Ishihara, Mei Nagano, Kenshi Okada
Release Date
Run Time
137 minutes
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