Arnold Is A Model Student(HKAFF 2022)
The debut feature from director Sorayos Prapapan openly satirises Thailand’s education system and its authoritarian policies while also slyly referencing the country’s real-life “Bad Student” protest movement. Young math whiz Arnold seems very much the model student, enjoying an ideal high school life in all its cheery banality. Arnold’s ennui leads him to fall in with an exam cheating scheme, while greater student discontent bubbles to the surface around him — and eventually bursts. Showing a steady hand despite his “first feature” status, Sorayos adeptly balances an irreverent tone with urgent social concerns, and uses real protest footage to seamlessly lift his fictionalised satire into something significantly more.
Sorayos Prapapan
Korndanai Marc Dautzenberg, Siriboon Naddhabhan, Winyu Wongsurawat, Yanin Pongsuwan, Niramon Busapavanich, Virot Ali
Release Date
Run Time
85 minutes
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