Asako I & II(bc Sunday)
Director Hamaguchi Ryusuke follows his five-hour opus Happy Hour with a stirring and dreamy romantic drama that comes with a provocative Vertigo-esque twist. Based on the novel by Shibasaki Tomoka, the Cannes competition title follows the romantic misadventures of Asako, a student from Osaka who falls in love at first sight with Baku, a mysterious bad boy. Two years after Baku’s sudden disappearance, the brokenhearted Asako moves to Tokyo. There, she meets Ryuhei, a kind and reliable company employee who looks exactly like Baku but carries none of his reckless personality. Suddenly, Asako finds herself caught between two loves, each irresistible in her own way.
Ryusuke Hamaguchi
Karata Erika, Higashide Masahiro
Release Date
Run Time
120 minutes
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