Ashes of Time Redux(25th Anniversary of HKFCS Awards)
Wong Kar Wai takes his brilliant visual ideas to a heartbreak inn in a desert among vagrant swordsmen, and brings glamour back to cinema. Costumed in lavish rags and lushly photographed, the star-studded cast looks absolutely dazzling. The film’s emotional core, creampuff-and-pop-romantic, centres on a bunch of thirty-nothing losers doomed by the war zones of the heart. They wallow in memories of their emotional mire, and drift, mock-tragic style, towards the abyss of impotent sadness. Super-visual and glossy, artificial and decadent, this is a sumptuous feast for the eye.
Wong Kar-Wai
Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung Kar-fai, Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Carina Lau
Release Date
Cantonese, Mandarin(In Parts)
Run Time
90 minutes
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