Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance Shorts(HKLGFF 2018)
1. Lady Eva
Language: Tongan, English(English Subtitle)
Duration: 11 mins
Director: Hamer Wilson, Wong-Kalu
Story: A brave young transgender woman sets off on a journey to become her true self in the Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga – with a little inspiration from Tina Turner along the way.

2. About Wedding
Language: Korean(English Subtitle)
Duration: 24 mins
Director: Park In-Hee
Story: 30-year-old Eun-ho goes to Gold Mary Wedding Studio to help her friend Ye-jin with her wedding photo shoot. Seeing Ye-jin’s fancy gowns and her rich fiancé, Eun-ho cannot help but think about her relationship with her penniless boyfriend. But the engagement between Ye-jin and her fiance is not what it seems.

3. It’s Easier to Raise Cattle
Language: Malay(English Subtitle)
Duration: 18 mins
Director: Amanda Nell Eu
Story: Two teenage outcasts form an uncanny friendship in their remote village. As one discovers the other’s dark secrets, she observes the changes in her new friend to the point of violence, monstrosity and affection.

4. Sunken Plum
Language: Mandarin, Sichuan Dialect(Chinese, English Subtitles)
Duration: 20 mins
Director: Roberto F. Canuto, Xu Xiaoxi
Story: Working at a nightclub in Chengdu, a transgender Chinese woman receives an unexpected visit from her cousin, informing her that the mother she has brushed aside, has died. As the only “son”, she feels obligated to return to her birthplace for the sake of her family, even though she’ll have to hide her true self from those that once shared her past.”

5. Uninvited
Language: Korean(English Subtitle)
Category: I
Duration: 20 mins
Director: Seung Yeob Lee
Story: Jungho’s mom comes up to Seoul and visits Jungho’s place all of a sudden, which makes Jungho uncomfortable due to some situation that Jungho’s mom didn’t realize.
Release Date
Run Time
93 minutes
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