Ask the Sexpert(HRDFF 2019)
Hong Kong Premiere

"Are there any problems with using two condoms while having sex?” “Can I pour a drop of lemon or orange juice into my girlfriend's vagina after intercourse to prevent pregnancy?” “How to ascertain if a girl is a virgin?”

Think that these questions are too ridiculous? Such ignorance of sex knowledge was not news in India. The 91-year-old sexologist Dr. Mahinder Watsa wrote articles for the “Ask the Sexpert” newspaper column to answer people’s questions on sex. The reason behind the absurd questions was the stagnated sex education in schools. For over 40 years, Dr. Watsa’s column was like a sex education study room for millions of readers. It provided all kinds of sex advice with a generous dose of humour. However, it was taboo to talk about sex in a conservative country. Dr. Watsa was blamed for breaking social norms and morality, even facing court charges. Between praise and blame, Dr Watsa has become the completely charming "sexpert”.

The film was an Official Selection at the 2017 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.
Vaishali Sinha
Release Date
English, Hindi(In Parts)
Run Time
81 minutes
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