Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights(EUFF 2019)
Olga is a successful lawyer in Vienna when her mother Maria suddenly falls into a coma. While Maria is between life and death, Olga comes across a deliberately withheld secret. Her increasingly passionate investigation takes her back to the war-torn Europe of the 50s; where, at the end of her journey she discovers herself: a woman she never knew before. The film discusses the dramatic situations originating from identity crises with feminist sensitivity in unusual situations, the never-healing wounds caused by the wars of a shattered Europe, and the liberating powers coming from unveiling lies and suppressions.
Marta Meszaros
Mari Torocsik, Franciska Torocsik, Ildiko Toth, Jozsef Wunderlich, Eva Prosek, Leslaw Zurek, Jakob Ladanyi, Hary Prinz, Ewa Telega, Antonio de la Torre
Release Date
Hungarian, German (In Parts), English (In Parts)
Run Time
105 minutes
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