Bet on Friendship(EUFF 2022)
Twenty years after their graduation, four buddies meet again at a class reunion. The 45-year-olds find themselves longing for a change, realising their lives haven’t developed the way they once planned. They decide to deal with their middle-age crises by playing a provocative game of almost unfeasible tasks. How to prevent the corrosion of ideals, disintegration of relationships, dissolution of dreams, and testicle shrinkage? Will they be able to find the courage to do crazy things like when they were young? The adaptation from director Patrik Hartl’s own bestselling novel was a huge commercial success, topping the annual Czech box office.
Patrik Hartl
Martin Pechlát, David Švehlík, Martin Hofmann, Hynek Čermák
Release Date
Run Time
117 minutes
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