Bio Zombie(WY Retro)
Small-time gangsters Invincible and Bee, best friends who run a pirated DVD shop, are slackers who are into all the vices. While returning from a mission for their boss, they accidentally hit someone on the road. After bringing the corpse back to the mall, the corpse reanimates as a zombie and starts infecting anyone it comes across. When the mall’s shutters come down, the survivors become locked in a cage with nowhere to escape, and the zombies will leave no one unturned. Will Invincible and Bee step up to the plate and become heroes of the night?

This early-career Wilson Yip film remains his most popular cult favourite. Without the budget of a Hollywood zombie film, Yip and his team make the best of their limited resources by being as inventive as possible in their contained setting of a closed mall. They enrich the film with memorable characters, hilarious dialogue and clever inspirations from video games. The eclectic script that puts postmodern triad thugs in a disaster narrative is filled with dark humour, creating a low-fi living dead film that is uniquely Hong Kong.

Presented on 35mm film.
Wilson Yip Wai Shun
Jordan Chan, Sam Lee, Emotion Cheung, Angela Tong, Wayne Lai, Lai Suk Yin
Release Date
Run Time
94 minutes
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