Opening Film, Berlin International Film Festival

Opening Film, Toronto International Film Festival

Perhaps the most talked-about Yonfan movie, having been invited to over 40 international film festivals including Berlin, Toronto, London, Tokyo and named "Best Picture" in Milan. Yet when it was initially released in Hong Kong, BISHONEN was also the most censured. Produced by Sylvia Chang and narrated by Brigitte Lin, BISHONEN is the emotional travails of a handsome gigolo (Stephen Fung) and a hunky cop (played by Daniel Wu in his debut role), who is trying to come to terms with his sexuality. Extravagantly breathtaking and lavishly romantic, the film is considered to be one of Hong Kong's most homo-erotic cinematic statements.
Yon Fan
Daniel Wu, Stephen Fung, Shu Qi
Release Date
Cantonese, Mandarin(In Parts)
Run Time
101 minutes
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