Blind Massage(bc Sunday)
Xiao-ma, who lost his sight when he was nine years old, become a massagist at Sha Zong Qi Massage center when he graduates from Blind School. At the massage center, he meets other blind massagists, such as Wong and his fiancée Kong, the beautiful massagist Du-hong, the boss Sha Fuming and the other couple Jin Yan and Tai He. However, Xiao-ma found himself fall in love with Kong. In the meanwhile, Sha falls in love with Du-hong as he heard from the guests that she is pretty yet Du rejects his love because she is in love with Xiao-ma. The complex relationship witnesses the suffering, uncertainty among the blind community and above all, the hope for true love.
Lou Ye
Guo Xiaodong, Qin Hao, Zhang Lei, Mei Ting, Huang Xuan, Huang Lu
Release Date
Run Time
115 minutes
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