Bullets Over Summer(WY Retro)
Introverted veteran cop Mike is paired with Brian, a brash younger officer who refuses to play by the book. To apprehend ruthless robber Dragon, the two cops commandeer an elderly lady’s flat for a stakeout. In the process, Mike gains the warmth of family and even falls for a pregnant laundry shop owner, and Brian gets into a flirtatious bond with schoolgirl Yen. However, Mike has a terminal illness and doesn’t have much time left. To ensure that those he loves are cared for, he risks his life by working for Dragon, but he also remembers his duties as a cop and informs Brian of his plans.

After a series of comedies and romances, Wilson Yip makes his first foray into the cops-and-robbers genre by subverting it, focusing on the relationship dynamics of five strangers who form a temporary family. Despite the genre it appears to be in, this is ultimately a film about the value of trust and understanding, as well as finding joy in unpredictable circumstances. In a stroke of genius, the “last supper” scene is a masterclass in balancing suspense, seriousness and absurdity.
Wilson Yip Wai Shun
Francis Ng, Louis Koo, Helena Law Lan, Michelle Saram, Stephanie Lam
Release Date
Run Time
92 minutes
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