Come Drink with Me(Restored)(FWKHR)
In the first wuxia film directed by King Hu, a bandit leader is imprisoned by a General. To save the leader, bandit Jade Faced Tiger (Golden Chen Hung-lieh) and his gang kidnap the General’ son (Wong Chung) in exchange for the bandit leader. The General’s daughter Golden Swallow (Cheng Pei-pei) disguises herself and penetrates the enemy’s camp to rescue her elder brother. She faces danger but is secretly helped by the recluse Drunken Warrior (Elliot Yueh Hua). Jade Faced Tiger allies himself with Abbot Liao Kung (Yang Zhiqing), elder student of Drunken Warrior’s master, to eliminate both Golden Swallow and Drunken Warrior. A showdown ensues when the martial arts master Drunken Warrior finally shows his great power.
King HU
Release Date
Run Time
96 minutes
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