Coming to You(EADF 2022)
Documentary Award Winner, Jeonju Film Festival

Brave New Docs Award, DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

Nabi, a veteran fire officer, accepts the coming out from her child Hankyeol, who says "I want to remove my breasts”. Meanwhile, flight attendant Vivian, receives a letter from her son Yejoon, saying "Mom, I'm gay." Coming to You follows Hankyeol and Yejoon as they confide in how they struggled to come out as gay and transgender, but also focuses on their mothers and their experiences with PFLAG Korea, a group advocating civil rights for the country’s LGBT+ community. Byun Gyu-ri’s documentary offers a mix of inspiring stories, with plenty of sadness too. In the movie, the scene with them combating with anti-queer protesters was undoubtedly intense and dismaying, and illustrates the challenges LGBT+ activists face in their fight for equality.
BYUN Gyu-ri
Release Date
Run Time
93 minutes
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