Dancing with Bellies(Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival 2017)
Getting old is nasty. Getting old makes you hot and cold. Getting old gives you wrinkles and sagging breasts. When a woman’s menopause begins, she stops looking in the mirror; libido and beauty will soon become things of the past. All you can do is accept the course of time, hide your extra padding under a big sweater and prepare for your new role as a granny-tobe.

Director Carolin of 28-year-old is all the more shocked when, in the middle of her quarter-life crisis, she returns to her home in the rural Northern Eifel region and discovers her mother's new hobby: belly dancing! Once a week, her mother and her friends unshamefully strip off their clothes, put on colourful costumes and get wild. They move their hips in circles, shake their breasts und roll their bellies – they’re even overflowing with self-confidence!

From a neurotic perspective of her own generation, Carolin takes a closer look at her mother’s life as well as that of two of her friends and gains insight into three different ways of living and aging.
Carolin Genreith
Release Date
Run Time
77 minutes
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