Darkness And Light(The Films Of Chang Tso-Chi)
Kang-yi, a high school girl of 18, is a most energetic young girl. Other than the much annoyance romantic love brings her, her family is also a source of unhappiness to her. One day, Ping, a quiet young man expelled from the military academy, becomes Kang-yi’s neighbour, and the two quickly fall in love. Focusing on the relationship between the two young people, the film also reflects through their families and communities the many facets of the relationship between society, economy and national history. The film won the Gold Award at the 12th Tokyo International Film Festival, the 36th Golden Horse Award for Best Original Screenplay, Best Film Editing and the Jury Award.
Chang Tso-Chi
Lee Kang-I, Wing Fan
Release Date
Mandarin, Taiwanese(In Parts)
Run Time
105 minutes
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