Dirty Difficult Dangerous(HKAFF 2022)
Star-crossed lovers Ahmed and Mehdia couldn’t be more different — he’s a Syrian refugee selling scrap metal for a living while she’s an Ethiopian domestic worker employed by eccentrics — and they struggle to find time for the briefest embrace. Both are caged and both desire escape from their lives in modern-day Beirut. Yet when they finally grasp the chance to flee and start over, Ahmed’s mysterious disease worsens: his body, already expelling iron and rust, is slowly and irreversibly turning into metal. French-Lebanese filmmaker Wissam Charaf draws inspiration from real-life suffering and social problems, molding his themes into an allegorical fairy tale that’s fresh, unexpected and utterly cinematic.
Wissam Charaf
Release Date
Arabic, English(In Parts), Others(In Parts)
Run Time
83 minutes
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