Eldorado(EUFF 2019)
Throughout history, there have always been refugees. They used to come from places closer to home. During WWII, the family of Swiss director Markus Imhoof, took in Giovanna, an undernourished eight-year-old Italian girl as part of a short-term program to host children. After the end of her stay, she had to go back to Italy. The Imhoof family privately arranged for Giovanna to come back to visit for a second time. In the end, the Swiss government insisted on sending Giovanna back to Italy. She died of illness at the age of thirteen, soon after being forced to return. Imhoof takes this early experience of personal loss as a point of entry to the ongoing refugee crisis, the biggest mass displacement of people since WWII.
Markus Imhoof
Release Date
German, French, Italian, Kurdish
Run Time
91 minutes
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