Eye of the Storm
While on the way to celebrate his five-year-old daughter's birthday, Dr. Zheng XIA, an attending thoracic surgeon in Taipei, is called back to the hospital due to an emergency patient. Without any warning, Xia is trapped in the hospital closure with nearly a thousand health care providers, patients and their families. Another patient of Xia, tabloid journalist, Youzhong JIN, catches wind of an unknown virus spreading across hospitals. Based on his journalistic instincts, Jin and Xia partners up to search for the origin of the virus. To Jin’s surprise, he finds himself somehow related to the source. Young male registered nurse, Tai Ho AN, and the intern, Xin Yan LI, are also trapped by the hospital closure. The two newcomers prioritize taking care of the patients and forget the fact that they too, are in a dangerous environment. Despite the high possibility of infection, they all make the most unthinkable choices – Helping others is the ultimate salvation in an epidemic!
Chun-Yang Lin
Wang Bo-Chieh, Chin-Hua Tseng, Simon Hsueh, Chloe Xiang
Release Date
Mandarin, English(In Parts)
Run Time
120 minutes
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