Family Time(EUFF2024)
Berlin International Film Festival Encounters
Jussi Awards: 11 Nomintions

A family comes together for the holidays, but before long starts falling apart. Just like every year, Susanna and Helena visit their parents' house with their families. But just like every year, Grandpa drinks too much, Grandma has to take care of everyone, the kids are fed up and the sisters argue about the most pointless things. Tia Kouvo’s humorous but poignant debut digs into a question we can all relate to: Are we destined to remain stuck in the same patterns or can we ever change - and at last become a happy family?
Tia Kouvo
Leena Uotila, Tom Wenzel, Ria Kataja, Elina Knihtilä
Release Date
Run Time
116 minutes
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